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All Safety Incorporated All Safety Incorporated is a conglomerate of four companies: Child Safety, Inc., Pet Safety, Inc., School Security Systems, Inc. and Business Security Systems, Inc. The company is a provider of security systems based around family and school settings. [Website]
Arcimoto Arcimoto, LLC was founded by Mark Frohnmayer in 2007 with the mission of bringing an affordable, stylish and high-quality electric vehicle to market. The Company’s research and design facility is located in Eugene, Oregon. Arcimoto aims to become a significant player in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle space by following a growth strategy that focuses on productsthat are immediately relevant and affordable. [Website]
Blue Dog Mead Blue Dog Mead is a producer of Mead, the oldest alcoholic drink on earth. The Company’s products can be found throughout the state of Oregon. [Website]
Blue Lotus Chai Blue Lotus Chai Company is a distributor of Masala Chai Tea. They use only the finest tea, grown in Northern India, and certified organic spices. [Website]
Builder Link BuilderLink is a growing online community of builders, lumberyards, product manufacturers, and other industry members who are forging relationships and a collection of next-generation online tools. This is where they network, collaborate, estimate, conduct research, and make their companies stronger and better equipped for today’s market. BuilderLink leverages the tools of social media to link all segments of the construction industry at the speed of thought. BuilderLink is the change taking place within the industry, a single online source to generate ideas, share information, and create new links within the building supply chain. [Website]
Cascade Prodrug Cascade Prodrug, Incorporated is a revitalized pharmaceutical company developing targeted prodrug therapies for the treatment of hyper-proliferative diseases. The lead drug candidates in the development pipeline are prodrug derivatives of vinca alkaloid compositions with promising activity for treating hyper-proliferative disorders. Further, the compounds are being tested as stand-alone pharmaceuticals or in combination with one or more other active agents or treatments, to treat hyper-proliferative disorders. [Website]
Crosby & Taylor Crosby & Taylor is manufacturer and distributor of fine, artisanal products- specializing in pewter and stoneware products. All of the Company’s products are designed and hand-crafted in Eugene, Oregon. [Website]
Dune Sciences

Dune Sciences is an emerging technology company specializing in products and services that will facilitate the development and commercialization of nano-enabled products. The company employs several patented and patent-pending technologies to engineer interfaces for the integration of new materials and devices in medicine, bionanotechnology, energy technologies, and nanoscience. Our expertise ranges from multi-technique nanoscale characterization of materials and interfaces to the design, synthesis, processing, purification, and integration of nanoparticles into functional devices. [Website]

Floragenex Floragenex is a research services organization focused on genomics in all plant and animal species. The primary tool in our toolbox is RAD (Restriction site Associated DNA) sequencing, known as RADseq. Our full-service offering includes DNA sample quality assurance, RAD library preparation, Illumina sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis to deliver research ready sequence data to our customers. Floragenex is the world leader in RADseq sequencing projects. Working with 100s of customers around the world, Floragenex has applied RADseq technology in over 60 different species. [Website]
Greenlane GreenLane Sustainable Business Network is a membership organization providing education, resources, networking and marketing for sustainability. We are a nonprofit network of triple-bottom-line businesses, farms, government organizations, nonprofits and social entrepreneurs. We are local business people, professionals, investors, not-for-profit leaders, and government representatives who are committed to building a more socially, environmentally and financially sustainable local economy. Dan Vishny currently serves as a Board member in the capacity of Treasurer. [Website]

Inpria designs and manufactures solution precursors for the deposition of high-performance thin films, addressing needs in device fabrication and patterning across multiple industries:

  • Display
  • Solar Photovoltaics
  • Optical Coatings
  • Semiconductor Lithograph
  • Printed Electronics


McKenzie Mist

McKenzie Mist is a full service water company offering local delivery to both commercial and residential locations. The source is an artesian well located 45 miles east of Eugene, Oregon, up the beautiful McKenzie River Valley. [Website]

QE Chemicals QE Chemicals, Inc. will target the 160,000 synthetic organic chemists around the world, who are charged with the discovery and development of new and useful molecules for their individual applications. The Company will sell building blocks, which are portions of a molecule that can be joined up with other portions to make a complete new molecule. These building blocks contain novel azaborine structures, which makes them different from other chemical building blocks on the market. [Website]
Spend Down Spenddown is a website for case managers, direct care staff, agency directors and other individuals who support people with physical, mental and intellectual disabilities. Platform for disabled individuals to shop for goods, shipped directly to their home. Point based shopping system, which gives individuals without credit/debit cards the ability to shop online. [Website]



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